Great Design is a Product of

 Good Communication Between

Client and Designer

 Design does not only add value – it multiplies it

That’s why Elizabeth Bougart-Sharkov, Intl. Assoc. AIA, the Principal at sDs – Sharkov Design Studio, views her client as an equal partner during every step of the design process. From initial design consultation through design development, construction drawings and completion of construction, Elizabeth’s clients are active participants in the creative process of achieving productive and less stressful lifestyle.

Together we approach the projectElizabeth is highly sought after for her proven skills to create environmentally sound “passive house” homes, yet well-crafted designs and solutions that address all various clients’ needs.

Sensitivity to the site, coupled with close attention to the smallest details throughout design and realization, are sDs – Sharkov Design Studio’s strengths. That’s how clients’ expectations are met and exceeded.

Floorplan illustrationHow she does it – The project begins with a sketch. Together you and Elizabeth will discuss the design challenges and the potential of your property. Then you will arrive at a vision for the project that imagines the  possibilities within the boundaries of time and affordability. Because every assignment is unique, working together you will find the way forward via a “road map” that will take you through all phases of your project’s design and construction.

Sharkov Design Studio has developed a philosophy Elizabeth calls

“Warm Modernism.”

Whether it is Custom Residential, Small Scale Commercial or Interiors work,  Elizabeth blends timeless aesthetics with an innovative approach to modern design.

Siteplan idea sketch

Why Hire A Design Professional?

Architects are trained to visualize the big picture. They possess “design thinking” powered by a thorough understanding of what people want and need. That emerges from empathy and the ability to imagine the world from multiple perspectives.

quoteThe creative process then continues through an innovation phase, where the analytical process surfaces essential (and sometimes contradictory) aspects of a problem – where the architect can suggest novel solutions that go beyond existing alternatives.

“Why do I need an Architect ?”

“The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten” – Benjamin Franklin

Professionally sound well thought out design can save you about 35% – 40% of construction cost. Something not worthwhile to be ignored!

Design thinking finally enters a technical phase when the architect blends art, craft & science through sophisticated computer skills and an astute understanding of markets. No matter how challenging the constraints of a given problem, the architect will assess the unique design potential and will address the project’s challenges, always with a determination to find an optimal solution.

Every single project...

It is important, however, to bring an architect into the picture as early as possible. sDs – Sharkov Design Studio can help define your project to comply with applicable zoning and building codes, and conduct pre-design services such as site studies in order to realize your vision without unnecessary complications later on when any changes are very costly.

Contract Administration

Once your project gets all necessary approvals by the City agencies, and it is time to enter the construction phase, your architect is then well positioned to supervise the contractors to ensure that everything has been built according to the approved design – up to the very small finishing detail.

Let sDs – Sharkov Design Studio serve you during the construction process to:

  • Help you in your selection process of a contractor
  • Evaluate work for design compliance (including specified materials)
  • Supervise contractors during construction phases and approve contractor requests for payment
  • Work with the contractor on necessary design adjustments

  ! Don’t move – IMPROVE !


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Remodeling and Home Design


Elizabeth redesigned our entire grounds landscape and managed the entire process to completion. She worked with our board in developing a design consensus, converting our incongruous open spaces into one integrated expanse of both beauty and utility. All this started in the winter rain, but was finished in time for our Easter celebrations. I often receive compliments about our garden from parishioners and guests alike. She kept costs to an absolute minimum, and even recycled our old concrete material in creating inviting, comfortable seating areas. I highly recommend Elizabeth.

V. Rev. Nicolas B.

Elizabeth helped with the redesign of my corporate office space. She did an amazing job redesigning the layout and redecorating with current pieces of furniture as well as new pieces. The end result truly improved the flow, the space perception (feels bigger), the functionality and the overall look. She is really a pleasure to work with, I definitely recommend her.

Fabiana G.

Elizabeth is a wonderful architect. I hired her because I was stuck – it was my first home improvement project and I had had very bad experiences with incompetent contractors and designers. I called Elizabeth, hoping she could straighten out all the things that had gone wrong, and come up with some good ideas to help me finish my house and put it back together.


She listened to my ideas, then came back with drawing and ideas that were much better than what I had envisioned. Her primary goal was to create something workable, aesthetically pleasing, moderately priced and easily accomplished. Her fee was quite reasonable, and to tell the truth, saved me much more than I would have spent if I had tried to design the project myself.

She was always prompt and pleasant, and I looked forward to her visits as a ray of sunshine in the otherwise tense and anxious atmosphere of home remodeling. She dealt with hiring the contractor and supervising the workmen. If her standards were not met, they were ordered to redo the work. I was impressed.

I can’t recommend a better person for any project than Elizabeth. She is honest, straightforward, creative, respectful, realistic and elegant. Give her a call, you will be glad you did and she will get the job done.

Doug T.

Working with sDs – Sharkov Design Studio

Our job is to turn your ideas and aspirations into imaginative, workable solutions – and it’s what we love to do. When you contact us, we will run through a “reality check” with you on the phone to establish the approximate size of the project to make sure we can help you. If that conversation is positive, we arrange to meet to discuss what you and any others involved (often your family) want to achieve both now, and in the future. We’ll walk around your building or plot, talk about your own ideas, and often come up with some that you may not have thought of.


The promise:

  • It will allow you to start an exploration design to precisely understand what the City requirements are and what the potential roadblocks are.
  • It will give you:
    -Findings and recommendations
    -A plan to move forward
    -A timeline and an orientation of cost



 OUR Ultimate Goal is


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