Real Estate Evaluation

Buying a home is a major commitment. Learn more about the potentials and pitfalls of any property that you’re considering before you make an offer!

From deciding on a budget to approaching your contractor, Elizabeth Sharkov can provide technical zoning advice and design suggestions that will make your post-purchase plan of action most effective.

Think about it as a ‘what to do’ step-by-step list from building codes to zoning. Elizabeth’s long service as Chair of the Silver Lake Neighborhood Council Urban Design and Preservation Advisory Committee can help you understand the maze of requirements if you’re considering significant renovations or an addition (such as setbacks and height limitations).

Elizabeth will help you understand:

  • How to frame out a budget that balances vision against cost constraints
  • How to choose a contractor (and what mistakes not to make)
  • Which materials to use and which to avoid (and where to find the best)
  • What questions you need to ask throughout the process to ensure that your contractor understands your vision

Sharkov Design Studio landscape design and consultations can enhance the curb appeal image of your property or merely create a more desirable, comfortable space in which to spend time.

Site plan

The Plan of Action

At the time of the consultation a work plan can be provided based on your particular needs (as illustrated in the site drawing at right). Elizabeth can develop for you a set of do-it-yourself guidelines including:

  • Hiring a surveyor to provide you with property survey and a topographic map;
  • Consulting a soils engineer for depth of deck foundations in Hillside areas;
  • Consulting  a structural engineer about the integrity of existing structures, for example a deck for which you want to add a Jacuzzi;
  • Understanding materials and where to buy the best for your project, as well as colors and finishes; and,
  • Identifying appropriate plants for privacy and aesthetics complimentary to the existing structures.

Of course if you prefer ongoing professional advice, Elizabeth is available throughout your project’s path for consultations concerning landscape design. Sharkov Design Studio can provide a roadmap for the entire process to help alleviate stress and keep you on track and on budget. You will benefit from a complete project work plan when Elizabeth is involved as a consultant from pre-purchase to supervising construction.

Learn more about the property that you’re considering before you make that offer. Call Elizabeth at Sharkov Design Studio before you buy or undertake a serious remodeling project!